Mission & Vision

Our Mission and Vision of Education

The students of King's Bangkok love learning and their imaginations are fed by wonderful teachers who know how to engage, inspire, and extend their classes. We aim to develop independent and enquiring minds by offering individualised care and a huge variety of experiences designed to help children grow into young men and women who can make a positive contribution to society.

Students study a broad curriculum which places literacy and numeracy centrally, whilst having a focus on creative subjects and skills alongside gaining knowledge. We ensure that every student is cared for by underpinning every aspect of school life with a strong inclusive and supportive pastoral care system. We ensure that every student is excited to come to school with King's Activities: a range of co-curricular activities, extra-curricular activities, clubs and societies which give our students a broad base of skills and challenges. Underlying everything we do is a strong sense of moral values. Rational discussion, tolerance of others and respect for their beliefs, even when they differ from your own, are vitally important. We want girls and boys from King's to be recognised not only for their many talents but above all for their courtesy and humanity.