Admissions Process

Our admissions process aims to identify families who share our vision. We are looking for people who want their children to be academically successful but also kind and well-mannered members of the community. Prospective students will be assessed on their current progress, as well as their academic potential in addition to other interests and skills that reach beyond the academic curriculum.


Application Process (1st September 2019 onwards)


(1st September 2019 onwards)
  • Application form
  • All requested supporting documents
  • Pay the application fee of Baht 5,000


(5th October 2019 onwards)
  • Family and student assessments
  • Parents and prospective students will be invited by the school registrar for the assessment.

Result Announcement

(Within 7 days of the date assessment)
  • The school will issue a formal letter of offer.

tuition and other fees invoices

  • An invoice for the tuition fees and other fees will be sent to parents and must be paid by the invoice due date which is before the start of the academic year 2020-2021.

registration & payment deadline

  • Registration fee of Baht 225,000 within 14 days of accepting the place offered by the school.

notification of acceptance

  • Parents must officially accept the school place within 7 days of receiving the letter of offer.